J5 Cub above Quabbin Reservoir

A introductory flying lesson is the best way to try your hand at flying.

You can expect the following on your introductory flight:

  • * A discussion of what it takes to become a pilot
  • * A walk‑around tour of the airplane you will be flying
  • * An introduction to flight: how an airplane flies and how the controls work
  • * Then we will get into the air, and you will do some actual flying!

Here are some of the things you will experience on your introductory flight:

  • * Taxiing the airplane
  • * Take off
  • * Basic maneuvers, (climbs, turns, straight and level, descent)
  • * A scenic view of the valley
  • * Landing (with a little help)
  • * Finally, we will talk a little about the flight and what you want to do next

The total cost of an introductory lesson is $145.00.  Gift certificates are available. They can be purchased with check,cash or via pay-pal, (mastercard, visa, ax, discover, bank debit).

An introductory flying lesson makes a great gift.

To schedule an intro flight for yourself, or for someone else, call: 413-824-7122

You can buy your lesson, or a gift certificate for someone else, here now. (Gift certificates can be picked up at the airport or mailed to you). Thank you !


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